The Problem

Access to Power
600 million people across Africa do not have access to electricity
Kerosene use is expensive and is harmful to people's health and the environment
Africa faces severe levels of poverty, inequality and unemployment
Climate Change
Climate change is causing more flooding, drought, famine and disease

What we believe...

Learning by doing
We believe in learning by doing and the power of practical, hands on education
Power as a human right
We believe everyone deserves access to electricity as a basic human right
The power of women
We believe women have the power to drive innovation and economic growth
The potential of youth
We believe young people across Africa can be empowered to change the world
Clean energy
We believe clean energy and green technologies are the future
Community learners
We believe learning can be a communal experience, bringing people together

Our Solution

Learning opportunities
Engaging STEM learning opportunities, particularly for girls and young women
Clean energy
Clean energy for rural areas and refugee camps, starting with solar lanterns
Made in Africa
Proudly made in Africa, for Africa

Contact us

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